37 Signs Your Mom Is Actually A Superhero

woman watching child playing on beach during daytime
Xavier Mouton Photographie / Unsplash

A mom is our automatic best friend for life. A mom is the nurturer, the caretaker. Moms can do the job of both parents. Moms make life happen. Here are 37 sure telling signs that your mom is more than just the light in this world, the strength in your bones, and the love in your heart. Here are 37 signs that your mom is also a superhero, your superhero:

1. She can finish your sentences for you

2. She has a “mom sense” when things aren’t right

3. She can read your mind

4. She has the same vision as you when it comes to the future

5. She is the best communicator you know

6. She is the most selfless human you know

7. She never gives up on you or your relationship with her

8. She’ll listen to you and support you even if she’s frustrated with you

9. She isn’t afraid to express her gratitude

10. She is too hilarious for her own good

11. She knows how to be alone

12. She can take any difficult circumstance and find a way to completely thrive

13. She forgives anyone, but still knows who to allow back in and who to let go of

14. She can find anything no matter how messy the room is

15. She knows what you need better than you know what you need

16. She’s always down to celebrate you

17. She’s a huge fan of natural consequences

18. She encourages you to try harder

19. She knows when you need a break and encourages you to take care of your own self above all else

20. She teaches you about mental health

21. She gives you coping skills so you can adequately deal with life

22. She can see something good in everything and everyone

23. She’s extremely open minded

24. She doesn’t take things too personally

25. She’s not afraid to admit she’s wrong and imperfect

26. She’ll figure anything out no matter how much pressure she has and no matter what’s on the line

27. She speaks resilience as if it’s her native language

28. She inspires you to be both kinder and stronger

29. She’s not afraid of the future

30. She knows what she can control and what she cannot

31. She gives you everything even if she has nothing herself

32. She can sense danger from a mile away

33. She gives 110% of her effort into absolutely everything she does

34. She knows that she knows nothing and she finds peace in that

35. She perseveres

36. She’s a peacemaker

37. She loves you more than anything in the entire world TC mark

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