You Aren’t Supposed To Have Your Life Together At All Times

Robb Leahy / Unsplash

One of the biggest amounts of pressure we put on ourselves is to have our life together. A lot of the time we feel extremely secure if, “all of our ducks are in a row.” If we don’t have everything in order, it feels like a mess; we feel like a mess.

Honestly, I think it’s important to remember that every duck has a favorite season too. I think it’s also important to rationalize that it’s nearly impossible to have all of our ducks in a row at all times because ducks need to move also. It’s okay to not have everything together, your life isn’t made to be one organized bento box.

Some seasons of our lives we have an abundance of beautiful friends, we truly feel like we have a tribe and a support network that is our lifeline. Other seasons, we feel lonely and like we lack that connection. That season is often spent diving into our career or putting everything we have into something that makes us feel successful and purposeful. Some seasons of our lives are spent battling our mental illness in the comfort of our own home, forgetting what the outside looks like for a while. Some seasons of our lives are spent working our ass off in the gym and sporting our new bikini bod in front of everyone on the beach. Some seasons, we hate our body. Some seasons we feel really smart, maybe we are doing well in school. Some seasons, we don’t even show up for class. Some seasons it feels like we are financially stable and super relaxed, other seasons we are paying overdraft fees.

Seasons change, simply because they are seasons. There is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes there cannot be rain, sunshine, leaves falling, and flowers blooming all at the same time. We have to be okay with this. We have to accept that everything in our life has a time also. 

We have to be patient with our lives. We have to stop shaming ourselves for not being somewhere else other than right here. We have to know that certain things happen at different times for ourselves. We have to believe in the bigger picture for our lives.

Things take time, especially the things we actually want. We have to be patient with our lives, patient with ourselves. We have to soak up each second of each phase and season we are in. We have to bask our entire body into a giant pile of leaves. We have to run outside with our tongues hanging out of our mouths while we catch the rain drop by drop. We have to smell the flowers when they start to bloom. We have to soak up each and every second with our moving lives because everything is simply just a season. Things will happen in their time, they know when the right time to bloom is. TC mark


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