This Is Your Reminder That You Do Not Have To Shrink For Anyone

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You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to stretch your arms out and feel no shame for existing.

You are allowed to have a voice. You are allowed to speak your truth, to make people uncomfortable by your unwavering honesty. You are allowed to have opinions, to have boundaries that people do not like.

You are allowed to ask questions, to challenge that masses.

You are allowed to walk in a busy hallway and refuse to move for any man coming your way.

You are allowed to rid of things not meant for you without feeling like you are obligated to it, or like you owe it something.

You are allowed to make noise when you walk, to snore while you sleep.

You are allowed to not engage with things that don’t empower you. You are allowed to leave when you feel small.

This is your reminder that you are allowed to exist just as you are.

You are entitled to your life, to what feels good for you.

You are allowed to make a home in your own authenticity, to be unapologetic for living in your own wholeheartedness. You are allowed to make room for yourself to be, to really be.

You do not have to shrink, to lessen your mark on the world, to be smaller than you actually are – especially for someone else. 

This is your reminder that you are not here to exist how others want you to exist. You do not have to speak softer, to talk less, to take up less space, or to dismiss your own truth so that others feel more comfortable.

Question logic. Make others uncomfortable by the comfort you have to be yourself. Set boundaries. Honor yourself above all else, always. You do not have to change for anyone else, and you especially do not have to shrink for them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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