16 Definite Signs Someone Is An Energy Sucker

Lorraine Steriopol / Unsplash

Everyone knows an energy sucker. Energy suckers are the people you spend time with, and then leave feeling more drained than before. Energy suckers are negative, toxic, and quite exhausting. It’s important that we prioritize balance in our life, it’s normal for friends to take from us at times, but they need to be giving too.

So often we waste so much of our lives with company that we don’t even like, nor do we align with them. People are flawed, humanity is corrupt – so it is extremely important that we guard our own energy AND mindfully choose whom we spend our time with.

You don’t have to waste your life feeling bad because others take from you.

You don’t have to settle for bad company.

You are allowed to be picky.

You are allowed to not engage with toxic people.

You are allowed to not allow close-mindedness in your space.

With that being said, here are 16 ways to detect if someone is an energy sucker:  

1. They get mad over little things.

2. They spend their time talking about other people instead of cool ideas or other things.

3. Instead of embracing who you are, they have an expectation of who they need you to be.

4. They show signs of being insecure a lot.

5. They talk about themselves a lot.

6. They don’t ask you questions about you and your life.

7. If they have a problem they will text it to you instead of communicate in person.

8. They talk badly of others.

9. They don’t communicate well.

10. They tolerate abusive and bad relationships.

11. They feel insecure about your success rather than genuinely happy.

12. They don’t uplift you.

13. They only talk to you when something is going wrong.

14. You make them insecure.

15. They get angry more than they grieve and rationally process things.

16. They think their way is the only way, when it comes to religious beliefs, political beliefs, and emotional beliefs. TC mark


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