10 Helpful Things To Do When You Start Fearing Death

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Fearing death is no joke, it can be a literal health condition. Not to mention, anxiety doesn’t compliment the fear of death in a good way. It can be all consuming. Every thought you think can be followed by a worry, something you know you have no control over. Fearing death feels helpless, and it’s honestly quite exhausting.

I’ve been trying to conquer this dilemma for quite some time, and I finally found some coping skills that truly help. Here are 10 helpful things to do when you start fearing death:

1. Feel it

The best way out is through. You have to feel the discomfort, feel however it is making you feel. Don’t try to resist it, think of it as a teacher – something you will learn from.

2. Spend less time on your phone

Have you ever had those times where you spend hours on your phone or watching Netflix and then you look up and it’s dark? You’ll feel more tuned in to life if you spend less time on your phone, which will make time go by shower (easing your anxiety).

3. Practice gratitude

It’s true when they say that gratitude turns what we have into enough / plenty. Be thankful. Count your blessings. Constantly express gratitude for your health, your loved ones, and every area of your life. Speaking gratitude into the world is a way of manifesting your reality.

4. Show up

Wherever you are, be all there. Regardless of where you are at in life, show up to it. Like I said, the best way out is through.

5. Spend your time doing things you actually like

If you dread anything in your life the chances are, you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing. Make the most of your time, even if it’s adulting.

6. Recognize what’s important

Recognize what is important, and what’s just noise. The ‘likes’ on social media, the drama, the people who don’t like your truth, none of that matters. What matters is your own peace of mind, your relationship with others, etc.

7. Be mindful

Take things slow, enjoy every moment. Pay attention to every second.

8. Get in touch with your spirituality

Create and define your own faith, and discover your own source of enlightenment.

9. Diagnose your anxiety and ego

You have to be able to recognize your own different voices. You have to know which voice is your higher self, and what is just fear. Name them. I call my anxiety Ashley. She’s a b*tch. When she acts up and I start to feel entitled (like I don’t have ‘enough time’) or get anxiety, I speak to her directly.

Know what is real and what is not.

10. Let it pass

You have to let things come in order to honor them, but you also have to let them go to honor the purpose they served too.

Live your best life. Let the weight go. TC mark


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