You Aren’t The Same Girl You Were Last Year

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You aren’t the same girl you were this time last year, you are much more you now.

This year you’re brave, you’re honest, especially with yourself.

This year the boys who broke your heart don’t have much weight because nothing can make you sink anymore. 

This year you are more in-tune and aligned with all of you, not just the selected parts. You’re learning to embrace every day and every phase because you know all is contingent.

This year you know what a real friend is, and how to let go of those who aren’t.

This year you know more of what you want and who you want to be.

This year you are more sure of yourself. This year you know how to mend the pieces of your heart that don’t feel as full. 

This year you know how to cope, you know how to love, you know how to forgive, you know how to heal, and you know how to be.

This year you can identify the things no longer meant for you and gracefully walk away.

This year your aspirations and your goals amount to much more than anything you’ve ever dared yourself to do in the past.

This year you know yourself. You know your characteristics like the roadmaps on your hands and the freckle on your thigh.

This year you are still learning, and you wear all that you learn to like your favorite flannel. You are in the midst of your rebirth. You are thinking differently, elevating, taking yourself to a whole different level.

Keep encouraging this girl. Continue to keep her company. Love on her at all hours of the night. Support her ambition. Console her if she feels lost. Guide her to new perceptions and better days. 

You aren’t the same girl you were last year, and all the work you are doing right now is going to transform you into an entire new version next year. Recognize every single moment.  TC mark


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