Stop Being Friends With People You Don’t Even Like

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For a long time, I tried my best to keep the peace in all my relationships for the pure sake of saying that I had the friendships. The deeper I got into college and the more I realized how many people stay in high school, my thoughts around my precious space exponentially evolved.

We are allowed to be cautious with our time.

We are allowed to be picky about our company.

We don’t have to settle to feel connection and to create friendships.

We don’t have to be friends with our high school bestie who chooses unhealthy relationships and doesn’t know how to communicate.

We don’t have to hang out with the girls gossiping in the corner at a party, we can go out back with the guys.

We don’t have to reply to the mentally unstable girl we knew in High School who just wants to use us a punching bag for her sins.

We are allowed to not want to be friends with someone with a closed mind and can’t think for themselves.

We are allowed to stay away from energy suckers.

We are allowed to walk away from people who are uptight and needy.

We are allowed to say, “this isn’t for me.”

We are allowed to not give people second chances.

No one really tells us how crucial it is to be cautious and delicate with who we associate ourselves with. The girl who knows her worth and her boundaries rarely wins prom queen, the popular girl who gets along with everyone because she doesn’t speak her own authenticity does. We aren’t taught to value our authenticity and uniqueness because when we really honor who that person and what their truth is, it’s destined to not relate to 100% of the population. Speaking our truth often leads to some disconnect, rejection, and loss – but it is so damn necessary. 

My point is, keeping the peace is nice, but there is nothing more chaotic than trying to engage with someone who isn’t on the same level as us.

Be picky. Don’t engage. Choose when/if you want to respond. Prefer your own company over someone who isn’t aligned with you.

Your wellness depends on the people and things you attract in your life. Choose abundance. Choose alignment. Do. Not. Settle. TC mark

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