Remember That Your Growth Is Not Linear

Luo ping / Unsplash

Your growth is not linear. You do not grow in a straight line. You do not eventually get to the place you envision for yourself and stay there indefinitely.

You grow in circles. You repeat your patterns. You get to the place you envision for yourself and then the next day you take a few steps in a different direction and find yourself on the verge of a mental breakdown. You feel similar feelings. You are reminded of places you’ve been, you even revisit all of the places you’ve been from time to time.

You go to the gym for a month straight and then find yourself taking a week break. You develop a great sleeping schedule and then you stay up late watching Hulu one night only to need to reset yourself.

You feel confident and do your hair one day, and the next day you stay in your footie pajamas.

You miss people you think have left for forever only to have them return even more aligned with you.

You learn about your self-destructive tendencies and stay super mindful of them only to contradict yourself the next day.

Your healing and growth are not a milestone you hit as you move forward, your healing and growth are a constant milestone that you continuously make appearances at. Nothing happens and then never happens again.

You are not going to fail and then stay risen. You are going to fail only to rise only to fail again once more, and that is how you will create your life.

Healing is not linear. It’s a constant process. Every. Single day.

There will be setbacks, times you resort back to old habits, and times you feel like you are moving backward – and that’s okay. Growth happens in phases, in cycles. Growth repeats itself until it is wholeheartedly mastered. Growth happens again and again and again.

Be easy on yourself when you feel you can do better or when you feel things aren’t the way they should be because they are. You are where you should be. You are endlessly reliving parts of life that you are encouraged to be even better at. This life is not linear, it is a cycle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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