16 Things Every Good Boyfriend Does When Dating An Empath

Edward Cisneros / Unsplash

An empath is someone who feels absolutely everything under the sun. If you are sad, so is an empath. If you are so excited about life, you better believe an empath will be on your same page. Having a lot of empathy especially when it’s entirely unconditional, has been said to be an extreme blessing and a curse at the same time. Empaths are fortunate to be able to feel every positive emotion at an extreme high, but that also means that when it comes to negative emotion, they can sink and feel very low.

With that being said, having a boyfriend (or a significant other in general) who understands the delicate nature that empathy holds is so crucial. Here are 16 things every good boyfriend does and is mindful of when dating an empath:

1. Is very cautious about their word choice

2. Inquires about their day

3. Helps her process her emotion(s)

4. Is extra sensitive when there is a full / new moon because they know that affects them

5. Is very cautious with their tone of voice

6. Is sensitive when something tragic happens to their significant others friends or family

7. Gives their partner time to process their emotions without demanding a resolution immediately

8. Is able to decide and decipher what environments are positive and which ones will hinder their partners emotional wellness

9. Is extremely patient

10. Knows their partners love language

11. Asks their partner about their needs

12. Knows how to meet their partners needs

13. Really understands the story behind their partner and how / why they operate the way they do

14. Is aware of how their partner personally knows how to cope (being conscious of how your partner uses and practices self care is extremely beneficial when crisis arises)

15. Handles confrontation extremely well

16. Is emotionally well and developed themselves as a person TC mark

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