13 Definite Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mother

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Our mothers can be our BFFs, and also people we never see ourselves becoming similar to. When we are younger, we especially pay attention to all of the annoying things that our parents do. When we are younger, we see our parents OCD tendencies, their bad habits, the fault within their communication skills, and we swear we will never be like them. Obviously, there is a generational gap, a little bit of an elder/power shift, and a history of being two different people – but as we grow up, it’s so common that we morph into an identical version of our mothers/parents. As we grow up, we realize just how perfect our imperfect mothers really are. We see them doing their best, and we notice their efforts wholeheartedly.

Here are 13 sure and definite signs that we are on our way to becoming just like our mother:

1. You start to clean the counters exactly like her

2. You like her closet more than your own

3. When you think of going on vacation or buying music festival tickets she is the person you want to join you

4. You start saying words that only she says

5. Your laugh sounds more and more like hers every day

6. When you talk about your dad to your siblings you use the phrase, “your father”

7. You spend more money at Christmas time on her than anyone else

8. You can’t go more than a few days without talking to her

9. You start to adopt her sass

10. You hear people say, “you remind me of your mother” all of the time

11. You start to understand things about her or decisions she’s made like never before

12. She is your best friend because she reminds you of yourself

13. You become the most selfless version of yourself, with or without children Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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