Stop Living A Life You Hate

Jacqueline Kranjcevic / Unsplash

Every single day I encounter people who are not happy with where they are at. It could be dissatisfaction with a relationship, despise for their job, not pleased with their neighbors or where they live, whatever it may be, we seem to have a high tolerance for things that don’t make us fulfilled and/or live our best life.

When I question these people and I ask them why they stay in relationships that don’t meet their needs, why they stay at a job that doesn’t appreciate them or that drains them, or why they don’t just move to that city they want, I get the same answer every single time.

“It’s easier said than done,” we say.

Here’s the honest truth behind that statement:

“It’s easier said than done” is not an excuse that enables us to continue to live a miserable life, it’s a belief system.

People who believe they are worthy of the best life for themselves don’t let that statement scare them into staying stagnant. People who believe they are worthy of living a happy life say, “Of course it’s easier said than done. Going to sleep is easier said than done. Going to the gym is easier said than done. Going swimming is easier said than done. Every single possible thing in this life is not easier than it sounds, but that doesn’t mean I am okay with compromising my quality of life because of it”.

The good thing about this statement being a belief system is that belief systems can be changed.

We can meet our scarcity around leaving and meet it with our certainty and knowingness that we deserve better.

When we believe we deserve inner peace, no obstacle prevents us from having it.

When we believe we deserve a healthy relationship, no circumstance stops us from obtaining it.

When we believe we deserve to be appreciated, we don’t settle for jobs that don’t value us. 

We deserve to know how much we are worth. We deserve to not settle for mediocracy. We are born worthy. We don’t acquire worthiness over time. We aren’t granted worthiness once we accomplish something. We aren’t given our worthiness once we do good. We simply are worthy as is. 

So stop living a life you hate.

Stop dating that guy that doesn’t make you feel the goddess you are. Stop going to a job every day where people don’t see you. Stop having friends who don’t celebrate you. Stop living somewhere that doesn’t make you feel safe and wholesome. Stop leading a life where you aren’t thriving.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but it will never not be. You will never just wake up one day and it suddenly will be easier, it will always be difficult – but if you let that belief system dictate your life, you are going to waste your life living a life you hate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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