Here Are The Top 5 Things To Avoid While Saturn Is In Retrograde

1. Quitting your job

Let me clarify, if you have been hating your job for years and you got offered a different one, take it. However, if you recently started hating your job or recently have felt the desire to neglect your responsibilities purely due to your own lack of self-discipline, now is a really bad time to take your lack of self-discipline and transform it into a more permanent and life-altering decision for yourself.

2. Being unkind

Saturn is the ruling planet of karma and it also is a feminine planet. Since it is a feminine planet, you may feel extra emotional, edgy, depressed, or filled with anxiety. This is a time you need to be extra cautious of how you are speaking and engaging with others since your emotions are heightened and you are prone to communicating in an explosive way due to all this energy.

3. Making a big purchase

It’s a great time to be careful with your funds. Due to this planet being in retrograde we feel a sense to meet our needs, which is great, but that also may entail making large purchases on things we only temporarily think we need. Be careful, especially with material items.

4. Engaging with drama

I swear I’ve had three people I don’t typically speak to act absolutely insane via text to me the past two months. This time could be especially difficult for people who are unable to articulate their thoughts and emotions, and also for people who are just generally unhealthy and toxic people. You may find people being extra explosive, so it’s best to just not respond or engage. This too shall pass.

5. Being dishonest

This mostly has to do with being dishonest with yourself. Now is the time to really own up to your past mistakes, decisions, and thought processes. Now is the time to be honest with yourself about what is working for you, and what is not. Now is the time to be very selective with your company, be real with your desires around work and family, and it especially is the time to let go of any and all relationships that have continually proven to not serve you in the ways you need. It’s hard to be real with ourselves, but this is a very safe space and time to do so. TC mark


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