Everything You Need To Know About June 2018’s Full Moon In Capricorn

New moons and full moons have a very familiar dynamic, the same one that we experience in our everyday human life. New moons are about planting seeds (intentions), and full moons are about harvesting them. This month’s new moon was all about searching for answers, clarity, and direction. Whether you were debating on taking a new job, interviewing for one, ending a relationship, starting a relationship, buying a house, or moving towns, guidance was deeply needed.

This full moon is extra intense because Saturn is in retrograde. Saturn in retrograde is often a time of anxiety and fear, especially anxiety and fear for the future, unknown, and change. Saturn is also said to be the ruling planet of karma, so you may be feeling lingering emotions for decisions you’ve made in the past, ways you have neglected your own needs for someone else in the past, and missed opportunities that you are still hard on yourself for. Maybe you didn’t take a certain job, maybe you blew off the nice guy or girl, maybe you didn’t end a relationship when you should have, whatever it may be, you may feel heightened emotion around that.

This full moon is all about harvesting the intentions and honoring the feelings you felt during the new moon earlier this month. This full moon is about setting yourself free of all of the guilt, indecision, confusion, or uncertainty you may have. Despite all insecurity or fear you may feel, this really is the time to break free and allow yourself to be who and where you desire to be. 

This is a wonderful time to really dial in and listen to what your inner self has been wanting you to do all along. This is the time to really listen to your needs, to your desire to accept that new job, to end or begin that relationship, or to simply just make peace with any fear and anxiety you may have – especially around death, loss, the future, relationships, work, or anything that feels unstable or foreign.

Astrologer Charlie Obert pointed out that Dorotheus of Sidon says that Saturn is feminine, which is why you may feel feminine energy extra this month. You may find that your fears and anxiety either fester around or for your mother, best girl friend, sister, etc. This also may be the reason your anxiety or depression seem to be so strong at the moment. This is not to dismiss the importance of setting yourself free of all things regardless of gender or emotion, it just may add extra insight to your relationships with all things feminine.

This full moon requires you to acknowledge two things: 

1. What your truest needs and desires are 

2. To recognize that those needs and desires are more important and larger than any fear, anxiety, or insecurity you may have around them 

Release yourself from your guilt. Release yourself from your toxic relationships. Release yourself from trying to please everyone. Release yourself from the job you aren’t in love with. Release yourself from your fear of the unknown. Simply allow and grant yourself the freedom to move into a better space, the space that was truly meant for you.

You may find that during this time it is extra helpful to spend more time meditating, praying, journaling, or processing things aloud.

Remember that you are worthy of freedom, you were not given this life and this human experience to solely enslave your own being. Set yourself free. TC mark

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