6 Ways To Attract The Relationship Of Your Dreams

Milan Popovic / Unsplash

1. Believe you are worthy of it

First and foremost, the first step to either changing your current relationship or attracting a new one is you have to believe in what you aspire it to become / be. You have to believe that you are worthy of all that your dream relationship entails. If you crave peace, you have to know you are worthy of peace. If you want it to be passionate, you have to know you are worthy of that passion. In order to truly welcome your greatest desires, you have to believe that it’s possible to actually obtain it in the first place.

2. Be whatever it is that you want

Sometimes I see people want certain qualities in their partner that they don’t even have themselves. If you want a loyal partner, you have to be loyal yourself. If you are seeking to attract someone who is healthy and fit, you have to also be that in the world in order to mirror it. If you want someone who is passionate, exercise passion. If you want kindness, be kind.

3. Communicate your needs

I’ve been in the same relationship for years and to this day I have to be very specific when communicating my needs. Sometimes I hear my friends say, “Well I told him I wanted him to show more effort” – and sometimes that just won’t cut it. Sometimes our partners need us to be excruciatingly specific. For an example, earlier this week I was feeling disconnected from my relationship so I told my partner, “Hey – I need us to have a date night this week.” And then he cooked dinner and got wine later that week.

Often times in order to get what we want, we have to clearly ask for it.

4. Manifest it

Our thoughts become our things. If we believe we can’t fix or improve our relationship, we are probably right. If we believe we are going to have a great workout at the gym, we probably will.

Our reality is constantly responding to our beliefs and our perception.

If we live in a space where we believe we are going to create and attract a beautiful relationship, we are making room for just that.

5. Don’t settle

Settling for things that aren’t 100% what we want just because we are fearful it doesn’t exist, is a sure way to make sure it never exists. Of course there’s a balance of gratitude + acceptance + flexibility, but we ultimately cannot settle for less than we crave.

6. Know exactly what you want

In order to manifest something and have it become our reality, we have to know exactly what it is we are looking to attract or else we will easily be pulled in directions we don’t truly want to go in. We have to know our boundaries, needs, desires, what makes us excited, what we want in another, how we want to deal with conflict, etc. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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