20 Ways To Make Your 20s The Best Decade Of Your Life

Helena Lopes / Unsplash

1. Be picky about your friends

Invest wisely and wholeheartedly in your company.

2. Fall in love

Befriend the vulnerable parts of you, the parts you thought couldn’t get over the fear of loss. Prove that space wrong.

3. Fall out of love and into yourself

Take your heartbreak, the one you thought would murder you, and use that emotion to fuel yourself. Find your power and use it to create a beautiful life for yourself. 

4. Go all out on Halloween

Do not let embarrassment stop you from having so much fun.

5. Watch TedTalks and feed your brain


6. Develop positive habits

Make a morning routine for yourself. Make your nightly routine. Make it all exceptionally lovely.

7. Befriend your body

Get to (or create) a space where you can stop looking at yourself and seeing all you perceive to be wrong. Be in a space where you can admire your body for the hard work it does to keep you breathing each and every day.

8. Travel as much as you can

Find a way to see new things.

9. Learn how to gracefully respond to conflict

Become less reactive, and more in tune. Listen. Find your empathy. Work on communicating better.

10. Question religion

Question everything you were taught by your caregivers who were taught by theirs. Find your own truth, find your own answers.

11. Decide who you want to be, and be it

Be whoever you want. Just be.

12. Get some type of education

Trade school, your masters degree, whatever it is, just invest in knowledge that will serve you later on.

13. Learn to be as present as possible

Meditate. Breathe. Journal. Be here.

14. Savor each and every aspect of your life

Take it all in and be thankful.

15. Become the best of friends with your family

These people raised you, connect with them.

16. Go to breakfast at 1 a.m. with your friends, even if you’re tired

The moment something sounds like fun but you feel too tired is the exact same moment you should absolutely do it.

17. Learn how to say yes

Try new things.

18. Learn how to say no

Create your fine boundaries.

19. Make gratitude an everyday practice

Be thankful for every single thought, moment, breath, conversation, smell, everything.

20. Focus on your health

Do things that will support your body to live as long as it can. Go to the gym. Meal prep. Grow a garden. Go on walks with your besties. Do whatever it is that will love and encourage your body. TC mark


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