8 Signs That May 2018’s Full Moon Is Still Affecting You

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There was a full moon on May 29th in the sign of Sagittarius. This full moon is extra bold due to the ending and beginning of a cosmic shift. If your energy seems to be a bit off, here are some things you may be feeling that might be in correlation with the full moon and any of its own lingering energy.

1. You are insanely tired.

I think I’ve gotten four hours of sleep the last two nights. It’s normal for some full moons to affect our sleep, but if you are feeling extra restless, this may certainly be why.

2. You’re more aware than ever.

With cosmic shifts, epiphanies seem to be universal. If you are still feeling mentally or spiritually “awake,” this is probably why.

3. You are craving change.

With full moons, come full on desires for everything new. Maybe you are recharging your relationship or getting out of an old one, either way, craving new horizons is completely normal.

4. You feel more spiritual than usual.

Are you finding yourself spending extra time in the self-transformation isle at the bookstore (me, I’m referring to me)? Having the desire to tune in to your spirituality is a common theme when we have the company of the moon nearby.

5. Your anxiety is through the roof.

With great power, comes….a million and one thoughts about everyone and everything and every belief system you’ve ever engaged with + every growing pain + processing every loss and attachment style, and even that one time your dog died in kindergarten.

6. Everything seems unsettled.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your mind or maybe your sh** is just flying everywhere and landing on everyone?


7. You are still searching for answers and clarity.

As a human, do you feel safe when you are swaddled in your blanket full of familiarity and answers, or whattttt?

This month’s full moon was especially directed towards the unraveling of our inner truths, our next direction, and all things related to alignment. Wanting to feel like you know what direction you are going in, and where you’ll end up, is the essence of this entire moon. Hang in there.

8. You are over thinking your entire life’s purpose.

There is no such thing as rest when it comes to your mind, body, and soul.  Everything is hypertensive, especially your perception of your destiny or your life’s outcome.

I’m hoping these side effects disintegrate in the next few days because I am exhausted. If you are feeling these too, my energy is with you (not that you need any more as it is). TC mark

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