When You Can’t Let It Go, Let It Be

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When you can’t let it go, let it be. 

Let it be painful, let it be confusing, let it wake you up in the nighttime and remind you that you’re human. Let it be however it is presently. 

Let it be undecided. Let it be open to the future. Let it be out of your control and completely out of your hands. Let it be a mystery. 

Let it be up to God, or the Universe, or whatever you believe in. 

Let it be the thing that cracks you open and forces you into your own minds freedom. Let it be a mess, complete and utter chaos.

Let it be unread, not responded to, let it be the thing that doesn’t allow you to have the last word. 

This world has such a strong relationship with gravity that you will come to realize that when you do not force anything, your life unfolds in a way that is perfectly and wonderfully meant for you. 

We must let things be because nothing is certain, and when we let things simply exist, we give it our silent permission to grow into a circumstance much more peaceful and hopeful than we see in the moment. 

When we let things be, we step into the discomfort of our lives that lead us to the road we so desperately want to be on.

When we let things be, we are allowing ourselves to be open to the outcome without forcing it to be something we never even wanted in the first place. 

Some things we will never be able to let go of, for letting go of things is sometimes too daunting to handle. This is why we must let things be. We must let things be how they are so they have the space to become what they are supposed to be. 

We have to let things be so that we can become people who can thrive regardless of our circumstance.

So when you can’t let it go, and forget, and allow whatever it is to completely flee your mind – just let it be. Just let it be. TC mark

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