You’ll Never Be Happy If You Just Belong To One Thing

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Genessa Panainte

In order to have a good emotional well being we need to feel connected, we need to feel like we belong. We are wired to feel intertwined with others, and to have a safe place to share our human experiences.

However, from my own experience as well as hearing thousands of stories from others, when we lose our sense of belonging or our connections get unstable, we feel like we cannot operate at our best or even function at all sometimes.

This is why we must belong to more than one thing.

We cannot just belong to a relationship because when that relationship is over, we will have nothing.

We cannot just belong to our career because when we retire or things stop going well in our place of work, we will have nothing.

Our life is merely a space given to us to create our identity in a million different places. Our wellness depends on connection, so we must seek that everywhere we can.

We have to honor our passions.

We have to nurture every single thing that excites us.

We have to communicate with people who share different jobs than us, different experiences.

We have to also treasure the people who do share the same jobs as us and share the same experiences.

We have to find the lust inside of us and let that guide us to a different area of life.

We have to master our own minds, know how we like our tea, know how many pillows we need to sleep with in order to sleep our best, and know what kind of music calms our heart.

We have to have hobbies and we have to do them as much as we can.

We have to take time to notice our wounds and give them compassion, so that others know where to be extra soft.

We cannot be made up of one thing because that will never lead us to our most authentic state of happiness. We cannot live with our identity tied to one thing (ex- mother, girlfriend, wife, boss, painter, etc.) because when that one thing is gone, not only will we have no one, we will feel like we are no one.

We have to be our full self, never dependent upon one fixed thing.

We are so much more than that; we can be so much more than that.

Take your human experience and let yourself find belonging all over, endlessly connect to everything that makes your most raw self feel peace, and remember that your identity is an accumulation of every single thing that you intergrade in your life – you will always belong, simply because you exist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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