This Is How I Will Move Forward

Thien Dang

I will move forward by waking up each morning and showing up for the sunrise.

I will welcome each day as if I believe in the endless possibilities it holds.

I will move forward by loving my pain, but still being open to joy.

I will move forward by reshaping my mind; I will let go of all of the old places you made feel like a prisoner.

I will take time to sculpt my body, I will nourish it and feed it all it needs to thrive.

I will gently hold my anger, as I know the importance of validating it before it leaves.

I will let myself feel, I will let myself be however I am and I will come to a place where I know who my best-self is.

I will move forward by investing in women. I will move forward by seeing them as my sisters, not as my competition.

I will spend my nights out late and under the stars with all who empower me.

I will become the accumulation and the abundance of every single thing that lifts me up rather than brings me down.

I will move forward by acknowledging that some things are not always in the space to make sense; sometimes clarity takes time.

I will move forward by feeling faith and wearing it like it’s my favorite outfit.

I will talk to the sky, I will continue to dream, I will look forward to tomorrow, I will become the product of light and I will seemingly adore every phase of this life I am forced to live in.

We move forward when we clip the parts of ourselves that hinder our own ability to fly. I will not move forward by feeling sad, I will not move forward by climbing into the arms of a stranger nor will I by climbing into the arms of familiarity.

I will move forward by committing to live despite having certainty; I will move forward by showing up for everything that supports evolution.

Moving forward has very little to do with the art of letting go, nor does it have to do with holding on.

Moving forward is simply inviting fluidity, it’s the practice in which you learn how to embrace, how to create your own ease, and how to believe in better days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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