That Little Voice In Your Head? It’s Time To Listen To It

Sam Burriss

I think most of us have asked a question while already knowing the answer at least one point in our lives. We are conditioned to doubt, to double check, to need clarification, and to second guess ourselves on every thought we have.

I went through a period where I traveled hours to many different kinds of healers and readers, I got my cards read, I went to different therapists, I prayed and went to church, I started attending yoga, and treating my hair dresser like she was a mix between my mom and God. I was seeking answers all over the place and the most ironic part was that everywhere I searched all had the same thing to say. The same thing that they all said, also happened to be everything I already knew–I just needed someone to verify I was right.

This is the importance of our inner voice.

Our inner voice is the thing that tells us what to do when our mind is being suffocated by fear.

Our inner voice is the thing that tells us we are acting out of our anxiety rather than our reality.

Our inner voice is the thing that guides us, it holds our hand and walks beside us in whatever direction we are meant to be going in.

Our inner voice is the thing that whispers, “let go” after we say amen.

Our inner voice is the thing that knows right from wrong; it’s what makes your body ache when you don’t proudly wear your morals and integrity.

Our inner voice is what tells us when something is wrong, when it’s time to investigate or time to flee.

Our inner voice tells us what we need more of, and what we need less of.

Our inner voice is what holds our most authentic advice. It holds our pain, it knows our pain. It knows our joy, it holds our joy.

Our inner voice is something that is so underrated that typically people don’t take it seriously.

We are humans and most of the time humans operate best out of certainty, we like facts. We are not taught to gracefully trust our divine within, we are taught to question it. We are not taught to believe in our own power, our own guidance, and the part of ourselves that hold everything we think we need to receive elsewhere.

Start to talk less and listen more. Redefine your own inner faith, redefine and take a leap of faith in general. Dive into vulnerability and uncertainty with the same optimism and hope that miracles are made of.

Everyone can hear their inner voice, but not everyone exerts enough faith to actually trust it. Dare to trust it, I promise it knows the answer to everything you are in search of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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