Learn To Love The Sensitive Parts Of Yourself

William Randles

I used to want to change every part of me that was easily tormented. I thought that because I was so damn sensitive, I had no chill. I thought that my sensitivity was the root of all my suffrage and I wanted to do everything to change it so I could be a “badass.” I always envied the people who “give zero fucks.”

The other day I was walking along the beach and I was absolutely mesmerized by the sunset, and when I say mesmerized, I mean I had tears in my eyes and my heart felt like it was dancing and if it had any more joy in it, it would explode. That was the moment that I started to finally understand what it means to be sensitive, and why it isn’t a bad thing even in the slightest.

If I were take away my sensitivity, I would take away all of the parts of me that are so easily amused. Sensitivity allows us to feel, it allows us to constantly represent humanity in a vulnerable way.

Take away our sensitivity and you take away our empathy, our ability to be with others. Take away our sensitivity and a sunset is merely just another sunset. Take away our sensitivity and connection loses its meaning for us.

When we lose our sensitivity we lose our ability to accept our emotions, to feel our emotions and work through them. When we take away our sensitivity we lack the grace to become our own friend at all of our phases. When we take away our sensitivity we lose our passion, our constant lust for life.

It’s important that we learn to love every part of ourselves, including the parts that are sensitive and easily moved by our environment. Being sensitive is hard at times, typically a sensitive person takes everything a little personally and we invest a lot of emotion in everything, it’s pivotal that we know how to navigate this. It’s crucial that we release all that does not serve us, including the emotions we don’t have control over.

Be sensitive, but also honor the bold parts of yourself that know how to keep your heart at ease.

It’s pertinent that we find the balance of honoring all parts of our being; the parts that know how to hurt with others, the parts that know how to leave everything that hurts us, and everything in between.

Know the difference between being your authentic and vulnerable self, but also being the person who allows all circumstance to bring her to new miserable extremes.

Validate your sensitivity, go with it, work through it, understand it, and then remind yourself of all the power you obtain. If you are powerful enough to feel all depth of emotion, you’re powerful enough to release it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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