6 Things You Should Do In The Next 6 Days If This Election Is Totally Stressing You Out


1. VOTE.

Get your voice out there, and do not think it’s not being heard. The best thing to do for your state of mind is to ease it by being proactive.

2. Wine.

Wine has helped me to make it this far; I don’t know how I did it, or how I could have survived without it. Stock up on wine, ESPECIALLY before Tuesday comes.

3. Post on social media, but do not look on social media.

The controversy is REAL. These last few days before the election happens everyone is at their wits end and their posts will reflect that space. If you already feel too stimulated, you should take a break until a few days after the election- for the sake of your own sanity.

4. Get familiar with the props.

Make sure you are voting for everything, not just the president. Give some attention to the major ideas/topics that could potentially get passed, get educated.

5. Pray for peace.

Whether you believe in prayer, vibes, good thoughts, or all of them, whatever you believe, put good out into the universe. Once you have voted and have been educated (and finished a few bottles of wine), all you have left to do it sit and pray for the best. At this point, the control is completely out of your hands.

6. Prepare yourself.

Regardless of who gets elected, there are going to be complaints, and in all reality, maybe shit will hit the fan. So prepare yourself, shift your mind and body into its most well state so that you can handle all of the negativity and high emotion of the entire US. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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