6 Guys Reveal Exactly What They’ve Said To Get A Girl In Bed

Noah Kalina
Noah Kalina


“I told her that she had nice pants and I started asking her about clothes. We finished a pitcher of beer together and then we kept ordering shots. As soon as I brought up shoes, she was down.”

— Mark, 38


“I kept asking her about her family. I was genuinely interested, I didn’t think I was being “the nice guy.” She said she wasn’t used to guys asking her about personal things like that so she wanted to thank me. That is literally what she said as she was unbuttoning her shirt.”

— Chris, 26


“I didn’t have to say much. It was all in my fingertips. It was at a wedding and we started dancing together, then when we sat down to get some water, my fingers and her thighs started to make friends. And the rest is history.”

— Jake, 29


“I had met her a few times at work. Girls are into fantasy, they are visual, they like the stuff you see in movies. It wasn’t very hard to play the guy who didn’t know how to use the copy machine.”

— Griffin, 27


“We sat in a coffee shop talking about Star Wars for hours, I was kind of nerdy in college and you could tell she was too. Later that night I showed her my posters and other collection of magazines and stuff, and bam. Just like that. It happened.”

— William, 26


“I played the bad boy card. I acted disinterested, which made her more interested. Looking back now it was a f*** boy move, but I was in college and now she’s happily married so I don’t feel as bad. My friends and I went out and met up with her and her friends, I actually made out with her best friend and five minutes later she followed me upstairs.”

— Dylan, 30 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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