25 Things Girls Subconsciously Want You To Know And Do

Cengizan Konus
Cengizan Konus

1. Pay attention to how much creamer she likes in her coffee.

2. Unless she likes tea, then know how much sugar.

3. Take note of the food she craves on the regular, and get it for her. Make it known that you know more about her appetite than she thinks you do.

4. Remember small details of the stories she tells you, especially about her history or the things that mean most to her.

5. Know her thoughts. Politically, socially, economically, what kind of dog breed she prefers the best- know what she has opinions on.

6. Be patient with the way she communicates her feelings.

7. Know what triggers her and be so trustworthy that she can share her experiences with you, being vulnerable with trauma/ sensitive topics is hard.

8. Know her sense of humor and go along with it, even if it’s different than yours.

9. Value her words.

10. Know her soft parts, but don’t let that influence the way you look at her.

11. Ask about her boundaries. Inquire about things she’s okay with, things she isn’t, get to know her walls around everything and respect them.

12. Know if she prefers the sunrise or sunset.

13. Take her on dates, but know if her idea of a date is the same as yours. Just because you think a movie and a fancy dinner is what we want, doesn’t mean it’s what we actually want.

14. Encourage her and offer insight when insight may be subtly asked for.

15. Know how many pillows (if any) she likes to sleep with, and make it happen.

16. Suggest movies you think she’ll like based on her favorite one (that also means you should know her favorite one).

17. Offer her new ideas and new ways of doing things, she will need to know and understand the way you work also.

18. Know what excites her and do it OFTEN.

19. Never stop asking new things, there should be constant discovery.

20. Show her how to love unconditionally even if she has no idea how.

21. Know how she prefers her toast.

22. Know her absolute favorite breakfast meal and bring it up anytime you talk about breakfast.

23. Don’t shame her for her looks. Compliment her when she wears makeup, and equally when she doesn’t.

24. Write her notes, do very small but very thoughtful acts of appreciation for her.

25. Remind her of her worth, and do things that embrace it. Practice gratitude, read books together, constantly find ways to encourage the growth of not only her, but you as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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