The Deal-Breaker Mistake We’re All Making In Love (And How To Prevent It)

Marina Agular
Marina Agular

There are so many ways to define love, yet we all know what it feels like. Love is a beautiful masterpiece that deserves to be understood. This day in age love seems to be failing more than ever for the simplest reasons that seem so complex, but in reality aren’t at all. Love isn’t worked on like it used to be, it’s given up the moment it gets hard. We live in an era where we aren’t valuing love like we know how too.

Before love happens, we date. We go through this process in hopes that our navigation will bring us to our destination. I have come to the understanding that love and dating are running partners; they are the variables that combine together to win a forever.

Love, at first, is so thrilling because we are still in the stage where we prioritize dating; we honor it. When we are dating someone we are gentle, we treat them with the soft parts of our souls and we touch them like we touch something that was just born. We are curious, eager to know more about every last detail of their story. We put in effort by making conversations with their family and we put away all judgment and reservations with the intent of finding common ground for the sake of the relationship.

When we date, we try. We care about the other person and how they are feeling, we give extra time to the things we know they pay attention to. When being in the dating stage we create new visions for our days together, we think of matching Halloween costumes, different ways to surprise one another, and we come up with unique ways to connect.

Dating may as well just be a state of mind in which influences the way we look at someone, but it’s the key to making love last. When we treat each other like we are dating one another- the love never fades.

Staying in love takes a commitment to never stop dating.

When we do that, we claim the power of our thoughts. We stay refreshed rather than give in to routine. Sometimes that means rerouting our mindset every single morning we wake up.

Staying in love is remaining optimistic. It’s entering a world of projects that we long for. It’s staying hopeful, feeding our passion for the new every single moment of every single day. Staying in love takes noticing the subtle moments, and interpreting them as if they are the defining ones.

Being in love is remembering the small lines that got us there. Continuing to be in love takes a willingness to grow some more, its offering new ideas, new places to travel to.

We get so caught up in the mess of not knowing what we are doing, that we stop doing the only thing that actually works.

Love comes when we are at our best. Love comes when we know that offering our most authentic self is necessary in order to gain something we want, and love stays when know we don’t ever stop doing that.

When we treat love like we treat someone with the initial intent of taking care of their hearts forever, that is when love will stay. We have to celebrate the small stuff. We have to constantly put heart and effort into the little things. We have to recognize the importance of filling up the other person with the love we know they deserve.

When we do not stop dating, we will not stop loving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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