8 Positive Things You Learn When You Have Negative Coworkers


1. You will never ever be able to please everyone.

2. The people you work with aren’t always the people you’d want to spend your time with by choice, even if it’s a job you’re passionate about.

3. Your problems seem less severe, because you hear about their issues every single day they come into work.

4. You learn about confidence and how to stand alone in a group of people connecting and you feel completely fine with it.

5. Mom was right; secrets really don’t ever make friends.

6. Sometimes people are more work than any job you’ll ever have, but that’s not your problem.

7. You learn that ignoring is actually a form of art and creating the self control to say nothing when you are thinking everything will desperately benefit your future interactions with people.

8. You learn how to disengage with stress the minute you clock out. Which is important to do in a lot of situations in life, especially the ones you don’t have control over. Negativity is like an illness, so you learn and find happiness in letting go and focusing on the things that make you feel good rather than holding on to whatever manifested earlier in the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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