6 Kids Get Brutally Honest About How Technology Affects Their Family (And Their Responses Will Break Your Heart)

Thomas Kohler
Thomas Kohler

We live in an era where a lot of our lives are accompanied by our cell phones or laptops. We are a generation where we can conveniently work, communicate, and accomplish daily tasks just by the push of some buttons. How does that affect our day-to-day life and our relationships with the ones around us? I interviewed six different kids about their experience with modern technology and how it impacts their family life and routines.


“Well, my mom usually gets home from work and still has to work on her phone. She has to call people and email people who email her. Sometimes she takes a break at dinner, or when I ask her to read me a story before bed but sometimes she can’t.”

— Ellie, 6 years old


“I got an iPhone 6 for Christmas, it’s the same as my dads so I like that. This one time I was playing soccer and he was texting my mom and he missed the goal I made. And the goal I made made our team win the game, my friends were so excited. But I was kind of frowny because my dad didn’t see.”

— Lily, 12 years old


“Sometimes my dad has to work all night from home and he always misses our favorite shows or movies because he has to concentrate on writing people or answering phone calls which is sad because he misses the best parts of Zootopia.”

— Henry, 5 years old


“My mom takes pictures of every single food we eat and then has to tell her friends about it and by the time she’s done dinner is already gone!”

— Ameyia, 5 years old


“I don’t notice my parents being on their phones too much because they let me watch T.V or play clash of clans on my moms iPad, so I don’t really care.”

— Alan, 8 years old


Sometimes I miss having conversations at the dinner table, and I miss not having to ask my mom to get off her phone. I know she’s a single mom and is doing the best she can, I just wish I felt like I saw her more.”

— Sam, 11 years old

It’s important that we are role models for our kids and younger generations. It’s necessary we mold the way to living presently. They are worth our time, our patience, and our undivided attention- it’s something they will cherish for as long as they can remember. Current day technology may be easily accessible and such a simple way to do everything we need to do in a day’s work, but it impacts the way we interact with connection.

Our kids know it as well, it impacts them too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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