How To Live In The Unknown

We live in a world where stability is nearly impossible to be anyones primary language. Everyday we wake up in a universe where we are in between certainty and uncertainty. We are constantly changing, whether that means being unsure about our profession, our surrounding relationships, our goals, or our passions. Our human nature is not wired to perseverate on one fixed point in our life. We should dare to be extremists and navigate our inner self while knowing our right to act upon all of the things we discover, we deserve to.

However, when we do this, we are opening ourself up to all of the potential risks, as well as the potential success. The fear in the uncertain is a type of scarcity unlike any other. Being fearful of taking footsteps into darkness is something we have made so predominant in our culture. We have made it a rational fear. As humans I have learned that it is detrimentally difficult to think clearly, pursue passionately, feel safe, and maintain our open-minded optimism when we are the middle of the tight rope. When are in the middle of the tight rope it is so painfully difficult to see our own safety, because we have already committed to taking the risk to figuring out what is next for us.

One day I asked my therapist how to do this, how do I continue moving forward when I am being suffocated by my fear of knowing I could fall at anytime? He then started to explain to me that stability is not at our future destination, nor is it at our previous, stability is merely making this “in-between” space we are in, comfortable.

There is no such thing as seeking someplace safe.

Safety is not on either sides of the tight rope. Safety is not found when we are no longer daring to desire something different, and it is not found when we abandon all things unknown. We create our own shelter, our own platform, and we plant what we want to grow around us. It is our job to make a home in uncertainty; to whatever extent we need in order to continue to grow.

This concept changed my life because it puts the power in our own hands. We are the traveler that gets to make a home despite where we are. We are the artist who paints stability on our own canvas. We are the gardener harvesting all things blossoming in whatever current reality we create for ourselves. We become the light in the darkness we are walking in. We can take the unknown and survive there, because we already know how to exist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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