10 Reasons Why You Must Move Away For College



If you were like me and you didn’t peak in high school and for some reason you did not find small talk about who Jane Doe slept with entertaining in any way- the majority of those people who did don’t move away for college. Therefore, you should.


Because people who think about the bigger cause, question things, or seek a life bigger than what they have already seen are the people who leave the space they are familiar with.


I don’t know why they do not warn you of this, but when you chose to dedicate your adolescent experience to exploring, you will have a class with those you’ve explored.


We find ourselves in solitude. When we are given the chance to be on our own, we learn how capable we are, how to be independent, and how to survive.


We are raised in a particular environment being taught everything we know. When we move away to go to college and change our environment, we inevitably enter a world filled with new theories and ideas, and we are then able to teach ourselves what we want to believe in, and who we want to be.


You get a clean slate. When you move away for college no one knows anything about you, the blessing in this is that you are gifted with 4+ years to reinvent your mistakes with no one clinging on to your old character.


You learn how to thrive through your fear. Entering a new phase of life on your own is difficult and lonely; but this is the time in your life where you meet your own self’s potential. You get to feel the accomplishments of making a new friend, getting a new job, and connecting with new professors and people seeking the same things you are. This is a time in your life where you can physically feel yourself building your own self-esteem in the midst of the unknown.


If you stay in the town you went to high school in, your first 1-2 years of college you will still hear all about who Jane Doe slept with, and all the tiresome things you could care less about.


Now because you have detached from everything familiar, you inexorably allow yourself to open up to everything you know nothing about.


You learn about how the world is yours. Each day you are off on your own getting an education, you are always reassured about how this world is your playground with endless possibilities. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to meet, and you are worthy of it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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