An Open Letter To Society From That Girl

There really is no shame in being that girl. Then again, I should probably clear the air on what I mean by “that”…

*clears throat*

I’m talking about the girl who takes herself out on a date. Who says I should wait for a guy to finally realize how awesome I am before I can go on what society calls a “date”? In the words of a random lady on the news, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” In my past experiences, guys took a little too long to ask me out on dates so by the time he was keen, the crush had either moved on to someone else or died altogether. I take myself on dates because I enjoy not talking, for a change. believe me, I talk a lot! Being one with my thoughts helps me reconnect with me: The most important person in my life. I take myself on dates also because I love myself. There is no human being on the face of the Earth that will love me more than I do. That, dear reader, is a truth I plan on sticking to until the end of time.

The cool other thing about being that girl is the freedom of expression without society’s filter. I can say what I feel (taking others into consideration, obviously. Momma didn’t raise a savage.) without apologizing for it. I say this a lot, and I hope it will catch on: Offense is taken, not given. For example: I detest drawn-on eyebrows. Everyone who knows me knows this and most share the same feelings. On numerous occasions, I have openly said and tweeted that I don’t see intellect in the act of shaving off your eyebrows to only draw them back on. People have told me that I am rude and conceited for sharing my thoughts, and that’s okay. To that I say, Buh, humbug! I don’t mean to offend anyone, I am merely expressing my thoughts. Dare I say it, if you’re offended by anything I have said, it’s probably true…

*nervous cough*

Okay, here comes the big one that everyone will probably shame me for…

Being that girl is awesome because you’re not ashamed of being a sexual being. *awaits condemnation* Here is the thing: I am celibate, right? My past escapades, however, would warrant me the labels “whore”, “slut” or “thot” (as the cool kids put it these days). I am far from ashamed of talking about being previously sexually active, and that makes some people blush. I once told a male friend of mine about my past, and he just looked at me in awe and said, “Lee, that is the last thing I expected of you. I feel like I have met someone else. Someone completely different from who I thought you were.” Honestly speaking, I don’t give a damn how un-lady-like I seem for having had sex before, never mind my number. Talking about sex is never a bad thing. I think sex would not be such a big deal only if we could talk about it more. That is why I talk about it, anyway… Cannot be ashamed of my past when it’s all I talk about, right?

I feel like trending topics, hashtags and society as a whole have dictated how young adult females should look, be and feel. Honestly, I have a big middle finger sticking out to such. I mean, when will we actually be ourselves when we are so busy trying to be like each other? We spend so much time watching television, not realizing that it’s the shows we watch that tend to apply pressure on us to follow norms that the “big people” say are “socially appropriate”. I have resolved to stop watching entertainment shows and celebrity news shows not only because they add very little value to my well-being but they make me feel like the life I am living right now isn’t great and therefore should do something, anything, and everything I can to make sure I am “up to date”. I hate feeling that way. So for my sanity I will stick to shows that will inspire me to be and do better. The life I am living is great to me, that’s all that should matter.

So yeah, I am that girl. I shout my lungs out and dance the belly fat off in church (in my fancy dresses and heels). I talk loud in public places with my friends, and laugh like I have the best one in the world. I don’t take nudes. I could care less how many followers I have on Twitter. I actually love and respect my parents, even when they annoy or embarrass me in public. I have an almost-incestuous relationship with my brother (we are very close. We don’t fight. Apparently that is abnormal. I don’t know…). I initiate conversations with my crush. I tell my crush that I like him and want to be more than friends. I take myself on dates. I am a firm believer that I am an unbelievably amazing human being, and no one can take that away from me. Most importantly:

I love me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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