5 Reasons To Quit That Piece of Sh*t You Call A Job

Shutterstock / bikeridelondon
Shutterstock / bikeridelondon

I should mention why my current job makes me unhappy.
• There’s no room for advancement.
• I don’t think my superiors are interested in developing me as an employee.
• The company culture is not a good fit for me.

1. If you stay, you will become the worst version of yourself.

I’ve slowly become very disillusioned with my job. As this process has played out, I’ve noticed that a lot of my unattractive qualities come out more than my attractive ones.

2. Your unhappiness at your job will spread to other aspects of your life.

It will make you question things that probably did not need to be questioned. This could just be me being bad at compartmentalizing my life. Or maybe it’s real and there’s only so much compartmentalizing I can do before I crack.

3. Those couple seconds you pull into the company parking lot and park your car are the slowest and most painful seconds of your life.

Every day. From Monday to Friday. Maybe even into the weekend if you have to work then.

4. Not giving a damn is a dangerous attitude.

I wholeheartedly believe that a person can only compartmentalize their lives so many times before they start to crack and ideas and attitudes from the shittiest parts of their life start to leak to the other bits.

5. You deserve to be happy.

Regardless of what your job is, as long as it makes you happy or you feel satisfied in some way shape or form that is all that matters. However, if you’re not happy, if you don’t feel respected, if you don’t feel like you’re growing, or if the job itself is just shit, then leave. Everyone deserves to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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