I Promise You That Someone Out There Will Appreciate You For Who You Are

 Isabelle Portes
Isabelle Portes

Being underappreciated sucks, but don’t stop.

Have you ever had those times, when you put too much effort into something, only to have it come crashing down and failing? It sucks, doesn’t it?

It sucks to feel completely useless, even after the tremendous amount of effort you put in. It sucks to have your efforts go unappreciated. It sucks to be the one suffering when you gave it your all.

Be it in love, or life or in other endeavors, there are bound to be moments when you feel the way you do.

Despite the feelings you feel, the truth is, effort matters. Someone out there will appreciate you for who you are. Someone out there will love you for who you are. And someone out there will be thankful that you had put in the effort that you did. I promise you that.

I urge you, don’t give up, keep giving your best, even if you give it to the people who turn out not to be worth it. Good things will come to you when you least expect them, so don’t ever stop. Be the best person that you can be, and live your life to the best of your abilities.

It doesn’t matter that people can’t appreciate you for who you are, because there will be those select few people who can love you for who you are. And those are the people who will stick by you, even you are in the darkest of times. I promise you.

Don’t stop giving, don’t stop being the best that you can be. One day, you’ll see what I mean when I say that there will be this person who can sweep you off your feet, and you’ll feel liberated. Liberated from the toxicity of human nature, liberated from the lack of appreciation from everyone else in the world.

This is where you begin again, where you can truly make your mark in this cold, cruel world that we live in. Together, you two can realize the most beautiful of dreams, even if they aren’t real.

So, don’t give up being the best person that you can be to everyone – because one day, the world will be your playground. Your playground with the best of people you have come to love for who they are. I promise you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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