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What Attending Fashion Week Is (Really) Like

I’d venture to say that about 40% of those present were actually there to watch the show. Most people there spent their hours biting their fingernails, checking their phones, smoking e-cigarettes; taking selfies; petting their tiny, squirrel-like dogs; and judging, always judging.

We Should Have Never Left Rio

At its best, life there seems to have achieved the perfect balance of priorities, not focusing on the question of how much we should work and how much we should play, but focusing instead on how we should work and how we should play.

Why Don’t We Care About The Central African Republic?

For years, we’ve heard about the countless disasters that happen in African countries, but here is a country who has suffered about as much as it is possible to suffer in this world and yet, it doesn’t seem to enjoy the paltry benefits of being an imploded star, a bullseye of tragedy.

Sometimes It’s Okay To Give Up (Really)

The self-motivation required by the will to achieve is a miserable, daily struggle. You can become resentful. You despise others for not recognizing your greatness and you resent them for not demanding all these great things from you.