The Beauty In Choosing The Struggle

I often hear entrepreneurs lament over Ben Horowitz’s The Struggle– finding comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

I know acutely well the trials and tribulations of startup life—the sleepless nights, the fights with your team, the dregs of fundraising, and the painful trade-offs involved in scaling. The entrepreneurial life isn’t easy.

However, the truth is that the opportunity to experience The Struggle is a luxury that many are not afforded.

Many people work during holidays, labor to keep a minimum wage job, feel broken by their rent, and don’t have the chance to spend much time with their families. Because of this lifestyle, many people feel alone, small and anonymous. Many people would love to have the opportunity, connections or resources to build from their own ideas and to feel proud of their creation. However, this is simply not a reality that is possible for many people who work extraordinarily laborious jobs because oftentimes, they simply do not have the freedom to experience anything else.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to feel The Struggle because it means that I had the opportunity to choose. I wake up in the morning and fight in honor of my grandpa and out of respect for everyone who may feel that they are not capable of seeing their dreams become reality. It is my memories of my hardworking grandpa that provides me with the strength to strive to live righteously: bravely, genuinely, authentically dedicated to use my skillset and resources to help others. A meaningful life for me is to fight for hope and remind others that they are important, special and connected, just by being alive.

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation: we must always remember that to feel The Struggle is a beautiful blessing. It means that we have the opportunity to live our passion, to chase our dreams, to build and create a new world. As we stumble, as we feel distress, as we feel lonely or tired, remind yourselves that you are not alone but rather that you are deeply connected to a strong community of entrepreneurs with a shared freedom: the freedom to choose The Struggle. Make it count and fight for others to experience the same beautiful freedom.Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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