Three Things I Learned When I Became A Psychic

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Yes, I have seen dead people.

I have seen my great-grandmother at the foot of my bed a week after she passed away. I was a little scared because I felt judged. I make questionable choices at times, and sometimes the concept of spirits keeping an eye of me like Santa Claus is a bit nerve-racking.

But being a psychic doesn’t mean I see “dead” people all the time. It’s quite the opposite and very rare for me to see anyone who passed away. And what I learned the most is that there is nothing to be afraid of, there is never judgement or fear.

Instead, I see, feel, and hear angels all of the time. I see a lot of beautiful things protecting our world. Protecting each other. Protecting you, right now.

On my journey of becoming a psychic, I have met a lot of people in pain, deep pain, and it really compelled me to share this side of myself that I don’t tell others. I believe we’re all looking for answers.

1. There is always someone who unconditionally loves you.

Yes, right now, it may not be great-grandmother, or it may just be a higher being, what the psychic community calls “beings of light.” It’s sort of like a ball of sunshine, which is always around you, and wants to offer you love, especially in your darkest moments.

2. We all offer something unique to this world.

We are all unique. We all came here for a purpose, even though most of us (including me) are working dead-end jobs that make us super depressed. We see now, more than ever, the surge and new thought that the millennial generation is bringing to us. Many people from the older generation, scrutinize the millennials for “having their heads in the clouds about having a dream job.” And it is normal for there to be backlash, this a new thought coming to a world when we need it. We need to keep moving forward with what deep down, we know we can be doing with our life.

3. You must always follow your gut.

We were all blessed with having a gut instinct, but unfortunately, we were trained to ignore it. Logic has become the replacement; we like to analyze anything but our emotions! Why? Because, quite frankly, it’s scary to follow our feelings. Following our heart just sounds risky. We’ve all experienced heartache, and it doesn’t seem reliable. Sometimes we try to ignore our feelings so much, that it becomes easier to medicate and numb ourselves.

It will be amazing to see that all of this pain we experience can quickly go once we open up and trust ourselves to guide us.

Being true to you is scary at first-but overall, the new journey can be pretty exciting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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