Watch What Happens When You Interview Hipsters At Music Festivals About Artists They’ve Never Heard Of

I will be completely honest and tell you that a while back, I got sucked into hipster culture. I was always the first to say I knew an artist WAY before they got cool and even wore fake glasses. Some hipsters feel as though they are elevated to a level of musical superiority and go out of their way to find underground music to be “cool.”

Fear not, I have learned my lesson and now see clear as day that there are some flaws with pretending to be above other people in terms of musical taste.

The obsession with vinyl and all things outdated, the mad dash away from any mainstream music, and the constant mention of side-projects no one has heard of can be a bit silly. Good music is good music. People like what they like, why do hipsters have to resist so much?

So what do most normal people do when they find something funny? They get a camera crew and do interviews to prove a point, of course — no, but really I did. I put on my most boho-flower-child hipster outfit and headed out to one of the biggest music events in Saint Louis to interview people about music. My overall goal was to talk about music and go with the flow of the conversations; however, I was going to out-hipster all of them and act like I didn’t know certain artists (like pretentious hipsters do) and occasionally lie about a few things to get the conversations going. How would people react, why do people have so much faith in interviewers, and do people get annoyed by hipsters? Watch to see what happened on my satirical musical interview journey.


What I learned was that some people honestly have no idea what music they like and the others want to say they like “everything.” It seems like no one wants to offend anyone these days and they just say “I like all kinds of music,” but I’m pretty positive they don’t like Devil Worship music or Mongolian folk dancing music. I was also shocked to find out the amount of people who DON’T know what vinyl is. I know my great grandma and all the real hipsters out there are probably shaking their heads. Either way, as stated before, good music is good music. Underground or not — like what you want and don’t give a sh*t about what anyone else has to say. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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