How To Handle The Shift In The Universe That’s Affecting Every Millennial


As a millennial, can I just say, “I have no fucking clue”? I don’t feel entitled but I do feel student loans fucked us over. So many of us find ourselves moving back in with Mom or Dad and searching for jobs online to no avail. This isn’t how life is supposed to be. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to be or when that was defined, if it ever was, but can’t you just sense that it’s more than squandering to find a job you don’t even really want to pay off debt that made you move back in with your parents?

I’m going to go off on a New Age sort of branch and say, I feel there’s a shift in the universe.

It’s slowly happening, begging to be recognized and acted on. Our culture has been changing, has changed from what it was. Bachelor degrees are pretty much mandatory, technology has extended work hours long after you’ve left the office, people are busier and more depressed than ever.

The shift I mentioned, however, does not have to do with all the stats; it has to do with the other side of the fence. Now what is more needed than perhaps ever before are people who have a voice and actually use it. More and more light will be shined on the entrepreneurship of the millennials, people advocating for other people and groups, and encouraging self-expression and being true to one’s self.

The feeling of having no idea what I’m doing is a shared one, as I have several friends far and wide who are in a similar boat. The world is changing and everything in it, from the new wave of sustainability in efforts to help manage our natural resources and the melting icebergs, to the definition of family and marriage. So it isn’t ridiculous that the up and coming generations are feeling a bit lost when what is asked of them and the institutions that require it have NOT changed.

The anxiety of feeling as if we have control over nothing is real. But my dear generational friends, we can rise up in this world. Yes, debt is foreboding and it makes me want to fake my own disappearance and start over as Wynonna Huffenborhg. But we are a creative, innovative bunch. We have incredible platforms that those before us did not have. We aren’t destitute.

I believe in doing what you love. The other part of this is sometimes you have to also do something you do not love in order to do what you actually love. In most cases, it will take guts to do what you want. But my point is, you do have a fucking clue. It’s just terrifying. It requires a lot of “going against the grain” rug burn. We’re trail blazers. Those kind never had it easy. Start talking and taking action, even if you fear that you will sound stupid. Not everyone will get it, but for those who do, you’ll have sparked them into life.

Start blazin’. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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