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The Different Ways You Avoid People

Post internship, if you run into your old boss, it probably won’t be any different. You may have regularly picked up their lunch and ran too many of their personal errands, but chances are after they wrote you that recommendation they aren’t expected to remember what you look like, let alone say “hi.”

Questions White People Have Asked Me

I have dark brown skin, full lips, and really thick, curly hair that when straightened often compels people to ask the “Where are you from?” question that I like to diverge with, “New Jersey.” They look displeased.

How Studying Abroad Can Feel Like Being On The Real World

If anyone’s in a long distance relationship while studying abroad you don’t expect it to last. The Real World teaches us to believe people who move far away, with strangers, are obviously unhappy in their relationships and don’t actually intend to make it work overseas. Cheating? A dramatic break up over the phone? You’ve learned to expect both.

7 Things I Didn’t Expect To Learn About Fashion As An Intern

Maybe I should’ve wanted to be a hair stylist. Does it get any better than charging $150 a day to fish-braid a model’s hair, then stand around at the photo shoot waiting to tuck fly-aways in place, while eating catered gourmet food? Oh wait, I guess it does – waiting to undress models isn’t so bad either.

9 Films That Try To Understand Love

Unlike most movies concerned with love, these films attempt to get at what really goes down in relationships. Basketcase characters troubled with age gaps, loneliness, death, and mental illness offer more insight on relationships than the typical “indie quirky love” or rom com. For those who get off on realism, these onscreen relationships will make you go, “Aha! I’ve felt that before. That’s so true!”