Here’s Why You Should Ignore People Who Call Your Dreams ‘Unrealistic’

If all your life you have had big goals, dreams, and ambitions that scare others – you’ve probably heard the words “You’re being unrealistic.” So here are some insights to help you push past this notion and validate your dreams as realistic and inspiring.

Big dreams are not unachievable dreams; people are just scared of them.

“Unrealistic” implies that somewhere along the line you confused fantasy with reality. The logical fallacy in accepting your biggest goals in life as “unrealistic” is that, more likely than not, they are just unconventional and harder to achieve. Realism breeds safety, and safety is what is comfortable. Think about it – how many people do you know that settle because they just wanted a comfortable life? Yet, what are they truly doing to impact the world and leave it changed for the greater good of humanity? Sure, they work and get paid decent money – but does their daily life push them towards growth and change as a human being? People fear the “unrealistic” because they are comfortable with being comfortable. Fear is a powerful thing that you can either let define you, or break free and reach a new level of self-awareness.

Settling shouldn’t be an option.

The people who tell you to settle for something more practical are asking you to give up what you see as most fitting for you. If perception is reality, why would you take someone else’s perception over your own? Your thoughts and ideas for you are what matter – because you know yourself better than anyone. Maybe you want to help fight poverty, be a musician, or travel the world, but you are told to be practical. As if your life is not yours, just one to make society happy with a “realistic” or “practical” job.

Understand this: the dictionary tells us that “unrealistic” is synonymous with unfeasible, unviable, and simply something that cannot be achieved. Since when did unconventional dreams become regarded as silly fantasies? They are not. Do not believe this, because doing so makes you fall victim to the mentality they want you to have. This mentality is to sacrifice what truly sets your heart on fire for a job that you will probably hate because it’s easier. Do you want to hate what you do, or do you want to do something that you know you can do with all your passion, courage, and natural strengths? Settling lets you give up on your biggest dreams and make excuses as to why it is not actually important.

You are not even guaranteed to have another tomorrow, so the time to act is now.

I hate to pull the “today could be your last day” card but I must because every day matters. We exist each day and we could do something impactful each day. You cannot ignore the actual reality – that every day we are given is a day that you can enact your plan of action into motion. People make many excuses for why “this day isn’t good enough” or “maybe in the future.” This is bullshit. It’s now or never. You either want it, or you don’t want it at all. You must pursue things relentlessly to get the lasting result you want. Dreams don’t come easy, but they start in the present because the present moment is essentially all we have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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