50 Things That Make Me A Woman

1. I hate wearing dresses.

2. I know nothing about politics.

3. I don’t know how to knit.

4. Sometimes I forget to wash my face before bed.

5. I haven’t gotten my hair done in months.

6. I don’t own a pair of black pumps.

7. Coffee and concealer just have to do for me some weeks.

8. Beauty rest is for my vacation days.

9. My room is in a constant state of disarray.

10. I’m clumsy.

11. I wear what I feel like wearing.

12. I Instagram pictures of things people probably don’t care about.

13. I eat ice cream late at night when I shouldn’t.

14. I can’t roast a chicken.

15. I read.

16. I hate gossip magazines.

17. Football is stupid to me.

18. I prefer my whiskey straight.

19. Guinness over Coors.

20. Red wine over all.

21. I’ve never had a boyfriend.

22. I’ve never wanted one.

23. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

24. I’m good at math.

25. I don’t eat enough greens.

26. I get caught up in fashion trends.

27. I spend entire days at the mall.

28. I spend entire weekends in the library.

29. Gloria Steinem is my idol.

30. Taylor Swift is my hero.

31. Red lipstick is my Samson’s hair.

32. I skip shaving my legs a lot.

33. I bake blueberry scones for myself some nights.

34. I wear an apron while I do it.

35. I wear a lab coat the next morning.

36. I’ve taken myself to dinner alone on a Friday.

37. I’ll do it again.

38. I like what I like.

39. I’m not so good with kids.

40. I love watching my sister be a mother.

41. Pinterest bores me.

42. Loneliness doesn’t scare me one bit.

43. I make big mistakes.

44. I’ve made them into really good stories.

45. I’m not too emotional. I’m tenacious.

46. I’m a contradiction.

47. I’m in perfect harmony.

48. I have no tolerance for intolerance.

49. I embrace my femininity.

50. I embrace yours. TC mark

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