10 Little Things Everyone Who’s At A Crossroads Needs To Remind Themselves

reminders crossroads
Freddy Castro


It’s okay to leave an unhappy situation. If you ask yourself, is this really going to be the rest of my life, change it. You are the only one in charge of your life.


It’s okay to drastically change your aesthetic whether it be your hair, clothes, makeup, etc… Even if everyone in you know thinks you’ve lost your mind, it’ll make sense to them eventually.


It’s okay to expect the best from people close to you. You give them yours.


It’s okay to take the trip. The money will, in fact, work itself out. Personal growth through travel is priceless.


It’s okay to ghost on toxic people. Sometimes a quiet exit is safest.


It’s okay to leave a secure situation to start over. Secure doesn’t necessarily mean ideal.


It’s okay to further invest in education. That degree is an investment in you. Who else will invest in you if you don’t?


It’s okay to ask for help. As simple as it sounds, this is one the hardest things to do, yet it yields the best results.


It’s okay to be wrong. When you admit you don’t know everything, it allows your mind to open. Your life will change.


It’s okay to openly admit being insecure during times of great change. It’s a scary thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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