The Truth About Finding Your Passion In Life (And Why It’s So Important To Keep It)

Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

I’ve always been a very excitable kid. Every time I experience or see something new, I would be jumping up and down and dragging my tired parents to it.

My brain would feel foggy whenever I was in a new place, trying to take in all the new information I saw in front of me.

And when it came to going to bookstores, I may have gotten lost at least once or twice while I got distracted and forgetting that I left whoever was with me at the entrance.

I found my passion for books at such a young age, starting with my love of reading all of my mom’s Reader’s Digest magazines, and borrowing from my friends whenever they had a new read.

I grew up in a town where we only had our first bookstore when I turned 12, and whenever my family and I would travel, the first thing I would look for is the nearest bookstore.

Books lead me to wanting to try different things: when I read about ballerinas, I wanted to take up dancing lessons. When I read about an artist, I wanted to take up drawing lessons. When I read about a girl who fell in love, I became a hopeless romantic.

A lot of my tries in becoming the characters in the books I read were either the best thing ever or something I never wanted to do again.

And I think that’s how you can find your passion: when you try different things and see which ones you actually want to do.

I know I never want to do ice skating or basketball: my feet get too sore and I’m too short for it.

It was because I tried to do them that I knew that it just wasn’t for me, therefore I could move on with my life to doing something that I did love.

I fell in love with books.

I fell in love with writing.

I fell in love with doing art DIYs.

I fell in love with creating and building businesses and helping others reach their dreams.

I am passionate about all these things. I live and breathe them. I think of what I can constantly do to pump them and make them bigger.

And every time I unconsciously slip from indulging in these passions, I lose a little part of myself.

Passion has always been in my blood, a trait that I’m proud that I have. I can find passion in the smallest of things, and sometimes too many things.

It’s a superpower that I have that I try to share with others so they can find theirs.

So if you’re someone who is in search of what their passion is: be patient and curious.

It’s by being those two things that you can discover what’s out there and what it is that will inspire you to get out of bed in the morning.

You’ll never know what you’ll find out about yourself. TC mark

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