I Am Still Enough, Even If You Don’t Love Me Back

You Are Still Enough, Even If He Doesn't Love You Back
Clarke Sanders

I’ve been analyzing and figuring myself out. I’ve been spending time trying to better myself and my experiences. I may not know everything pertaining to what I don’t want and what I do want, but I am trying to figure that out every day. I’m patient enough to grow with myself and I now understand that no one else is obligated to grow with me. I’m gaining more confidence and accepting my individuality. I’m realizing that I am unapologetic when it comes to who I am as a person. This is me and I am amazing.

I no longer put the blame on myself, nor do I put the blame on you for things coming to an end. Life is about living and learning. If I resent you for breaking my heart, I will continue to feel hurt within and my circumstances will not change. I cannot be focused on things that bring me pain because I cannot flourish if I am not watering myself with the tender, love, and care that I deserve. I can’t fly with bricks placed on my wings. Maybe you couldn’t stay with me so many times because you were still finding out who you were. Maybe you weren’t sure if I would be the right fit for the person you were becoming. The person you would want to attract wasn’t me. Doesn’t mean I didn’t look good, or wasn’t a good woman. I just wasn’t enough for you. You just didn’t want this good person. And that’s okay. <strong.I learned that everything is going to be okay.

It’s going to be okay because I am enough. I am enough for myself. I have enough care for myself to no longer hurt myself and to protect my heart. I have enough strength to walk away from something that meant everything to me. I have enough tenacity to cry one day, all day, let it all out and smile again the next. I have enough faith to know there will be better days and I am only getting better. I have enough passion to want to be a better me not for someone else but for me because I have the best love for myself. I have enough confidence to acknowledge that there are so many beautiful women in the world. I have enough knowledge to know that I am one of them. I have enough happiness to spread love to others and make good energy contagious. I have enough good in me to make others feel good. I have enough bad in me to make it through anything that challenges my strength. I have enough love in me to know I am more than enough.

I understand that people don’t have to love me back and that will not phase me. I know the best is yet to come. I am enough and I already have the best love from up above and deep within to live my life graciously. And when someone comes around they’re going to see that and love me for just being me. I won’t have to try hard. I will only have to come as I am and that will be enough for them. I just hope that they are enough for me, just as you were.

Le-Aisha Lenae is a New York City born, Harlem raised 20-something year old writer, poet and blogger.

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