5 Tips To Remember When You Go To A Concert By Yourself


Going to a concert by yourself is a different experience. I’ve been to A LOT of shows and for a year now, I’ve been going alone.  99 percent of the time, my friends can’t go with me, so I go by myself. Just because someone can’t go with you, doesn’t mean you can’t go at all. I’ve met bands and made friends with strangers all because I went by myself.

I have learned so much about myself and others just from going to shows alone. It is a learning experience and I highly recommend you try it.

Here are 5 helpful tips to remember when you go to a show by yourself.

1. Stay off your phone!

This is a very important tip and why it’s the first. If you are constantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. throughout the show, you might miss something crazy/important/hilarious/memorable. Taking pictures and video is one thing, but wait to post it. In between sets is ok to update but only for a minute or two. If you are so focused on your phone, you are shutting yourself out to those around you and building a technological wall that eliminates social interaction. Put the phone down and enjoy!

2. Be social!

If you’re constantly on your phone, you won’t make eye contact with strangers. Look around. Observe what others are doing. You might meet a new friend/love interest. Start a conversation with the people next to you. You’re all there for a common interest, the music. You already have something to talk about! Ask them if they’ve seen the band before, where they’re from, or compliment them. Once you break the ice, it’s easier to start a conversation. They will ask you who you’re with and when you say yourself, they will be so envious of your courage. It will feel great!

3. Tell someone where you are

It’s important to let someone close to you like a family member or best friend know where you are. Because you are alone, you need to keep in touch. Text them in between sets to tell them how much fun you’re having or about the hot guy/girl in the corner. If it’s a long drive to and from the show, call them! But remember to use a hands free device or speaker phone. You always want to be safe while driving.  Having a conversation or singing along to your favorite album will make the drive seem quicker.

4. Be prepared

Make sure you are prepared before you head to the show. Have enough gas in your car, have a car charger for your phone, and enough cash on you. Depending on where the show is, you might need to pay for parking. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially if it’s an area you’ve never been to. If you don’t feel safe, ask a security guard to assist you.

5. Have fun!

Concerts are always fun to go to and they can be fun when you go by yourself. It’s a different experience and you should enjoy it! You’ll have so much fun and learn something new. Take advantage of what is available and check out the merch table. You might not know this, but the band gets most of the merch money so you’re supporting the venue AND the band! If you have good timing, you might meet a band or two. It will definitely be a night to remember and something to tell your friends and family! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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