UK Rapper Big Narstie Talks New Single, Web Show And His Views On The Recent Success Of The Grime Scene In America

Tyrone Lindo, aka Big Narstie, is not new to the UK Grime scene, which has recently seen a swarm of popularity here in the United States. The infamous rapper and YouTube star, who is known by his viewers as “Uncle Pain,” recently released the music video for his second consecutive collaboration with Scottish producer, Show N Prove. The new single titled, “Hello Hi” is out on August 21st on all digital formats. The video features the rapper partying with his posse on his tour bus, as well as clips of live footage from his most recent tour, and it’s impossible not to feel his energy. See it for yourself and watch the new video here.


I spoke to Big Narstie a few days ago and asked him about his new single, his YouTube web show, his views on the current UK Grime scene and his future plans for his already illustrious career.

Thought Catalog: Hey Big Narstie! Thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk with me for a few minutes. I’m just trying to shed some light on the UK Grime scene over here in America!

Big Narstie: You fucking rock, man! It’s a pleasure.

TC: Alright, let’s get into it. What was the inspiration and thought process behind your latest hit, “Hello Hi”?

BN: Everyone is into this Internet stuff and scared to get approached and talk to people and get to know them. Like hello, hi how are you? Nice to meet you. Have you got a boyfriend? Would you like to turn up this evening?

TC: So it’s more about approaching the ladies and not just sitting behind the computer?

BN: Yeah and when the ladies feel happy enough to say hello hi to you as well.

TC: Gotcha. “Hello Hi” is your second single working with Scottish producer Show N Prove following the massive hit, “Gas Pipe.” Where does the magic come from once you two get in a studio together?

BN: It could be the weed…(laughs) No but Show N Prove definitely got something…He’s got the x factor, he knows how to control bass.

TC: Yeah, his trap beats are hard-hitting. What was the best part of filming the rowdy music video for “Hello Hi”?

BN: Getting fucked up. I promise and I swear on everything holy and great, I was a drunken wreck for that whole video and then some.

TC: I can see that! It looked like you were having an amazing time during the video shoot…

BN: I’m a piss head. I’m a sophisticated piss head!

TC: When fans and listeners blast “Hello Hi” on their speakers, what is the vibe you want them to feel?

BN: Super gassed…ready to trash their room, fornicate, smoke something loud or punch a pagan in the face.

TC: [Laughs] Alright you have to tell me how you came up with the idea for your hilarious “Uncle Pain” YouTube series.

BN: My man was taking too long to open his front door so me and Lordie got fucked up in my car.

TC: So you figured let’s just keep getting trashed in the front seat of your car and film it?

BN: Yeah, basically. We went to my boy’s house to get fucked up, he was on some bitch stuff and taking long to answer the front door. So I just got fucked up in the car with Lordie. Then, before you know it, I was just high as fuck in the car.

TC: And that’s obviously entertaining for everybody! [Laughs] Who are some of your top influences when it comes to writing music?

BN: When it comes to writing, I’d say me. Still, I can only write when I get into a certain mood. More time, I have writer’s block the majority of the year. And then BOOM I listen to one song I like and I write 5 to 8 songs to that one song and just find beats for it. So it’s really a weird process still.

TC: So it just comes to you out of the blue rather than directly from another rapper?

BN: Yeah it comes to me, man. I smoke weed and play FIFA and Call of Duty and Battlefield Hardline.

TC: And all of a sudden it comes to you and you pause the video games and jot down your lines?

BN: Yeah and it also happens in my car when I’m stuck in traffic. I hate traffic jams so when I’m stuck on the road, I just start getting real deep with the flow.

TC: Okay. Who is one UK artist and one U.S. artist you’d love to work with in the future and why?

BN: Adele, cause she’s got a lovely voice and she makes me want to cry and get emotional and start thinking about all the chicks I fucked up with. She gets me emotional.

TC: I like that answer. Give me one from the U.S.!

BN: I would like to work with Ransom. He’s on that real shit.

TC: Okay, what are your thoughts on the UK Grime scene getting more and more popular in America?

BN: I’m proud of it, I’m really proud of it, man. It’s come a long way. A lot of the grime artists in the UK were house guys. They were scared to promote their roots. They were just overdosing on American music, and as soon as Americans came across to England, they just forgot about our music. That just made America have no respect for us because we weren’t appreciating or being proud of ourselves. So how could you ask anyone else to appreciate your shit? Americans are well-appreciated with hip-hop music, they created it! And that’s why we embrace American music because the people who are promoting their music actually enjoy what they do, and that shi* is cool. But these fu*king English sellouts man…

TC: So what does it mean for you in your long grime career that Americans are starting to attend these sellout grime shows across the country?

BN: I’m really thankful for it, man. But in the words of Sam Cooke, [sings] “It’s been a long, it’s been a long time coming.” So yeah I’m just blessed I’m in the forefront.

TC: Oh yeah for sure! You’ve been quite the advocate for grime and still are. What is one thing you would tell all American rap fans to encourage them to start listening to grime?

BN: What I would say to them is, “All these cheesy Englishmen you’ve met before…I am nothing like these guys. Welcome to Brixton.”

TC: You’re an artist, YouTube star and radio show host on Spotify. What’s the next big move for Big Narstie?

BN: Porn. You know you got BBW, I’m gonna be a BBM. (laughs)

TC: (Laughs) Okay, other than the porn industry?

BN: I would definitely like to get into acting. But right now, I’m seriously on some Forrest Gump sh*t. Life is like a box of chocolates, I don’t know what I’m gonna get. As long as I get me some Reeses Pieces, some Peanut M&Ms…I can make a movie work. I’m not afraid to try different things. I’ll be bipolar with it…music and acting.

TC: Can’t wait to see where your career heads! Thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk for a bit.

BN: Thanks for the U.S.A. love, man! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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