Here’s The Truth: Dating Is Completely Overrated

I’m gonna get real here. Dating sucks; big time. There, I said it. I hate it. The whole notion of meeting and going on dates is exhaustive, and they don’t always work out. And then you’re left all alone by yourself all over again and it really sucks. All that time and effort and emotion you invest into someone can come to an end at any moment, it’s like a flower being ripped out of the ground, it’s roots being torn from the earth; it kinda feels like that except with emotions.

I’ve concluded that no one really sticks around in your life, and that breaks something inside of me. I’ve never left anyone in my life. My people know I’m here for them to stay. I hate the notion of moving on and forgetting about people. Some of the best friendships I’ve ever had were with significant others, and breakups don’t have to really be “breakups” if you stay friends. You should not get involved with someone to just abandon them entirely when it starts to get hard. Is it honestly that difficult to reach common ground instead of just packing up shop? I hate feeling like the only one who thinks this way. I love building strong relationships. People are the only things we really have in this life; all that we have is each other. I hate arguing and I hate conflict, pointing the finger at the other instead of looking at yourself and how you could change or help the other grow. I want genuine friendships, bonds that grow and last and stay strong through whatever obstacles you may face. Unfortunately, no one seems to see life this way. Such is the grey area behind the dark underbelly of life that no one around me seems to grip.

It’s like as soon as something bad happens or there’s a “bump” in the road, all the other person wants to do it is quit. Well that’s not how relationships work. Relationships are work, there are struggles, but they’re well worth it throughout all the bad and all the good. You share those experiences together, isn’t that worth something other than nothing in the end? I’m an “all in” kind of person when it comes to who I see romantically. And yes I know things may not always work out but that doesn’t mean you have to do what every moronic couple does and make things toxic and then write off the other person entirely. People aren’t foolproof, they say things they don’t really mean, they get upset and say or do too much or not enough, but I believe despite this you should be able to see the good in them and come back as even stronger friends through the hardship. In a way, isn’t that how you should show gratitude for the role they played in your life, big or small? I don’t know, I’m just one guy who’s sick of going back to being strangers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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