5 Ways To Become A Happier Version Of Yourself

image - Flickr / Phil Gibbs
image – Flickr / Phil Gibbs

A year ago, I moved back home to Taiwan with no game plan. I had no idea what my next step would be. Uncertainty doesn’t gel well with me so of course I was anxious and nervous all the same.

Twelve months later, I can definitely say I am so glad with my move and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some tips I picked up on the way.

1. Find a hobby

Drawing, playing the guitar, hiking, swimming, dancing – whatever it is go do it.

I had a lot more me time since I wasn’t working full time so it was the perfect chance to go back to what I loved and missed the most – being outdoors. I was back on the hiking and biking trails and I loved it! Immersing yourself in hobbies makes you more productive while enjoying yourself.

Since it’s something you love doing, you challenge yourself and set new goals. When you no longer go to school, you need some stimulus – hobbies are the perfect outlet.

2. Weed out the negativity

You know that “friend” who brings you down or that colleague who supposedly “looks out for you” – cut them out. You don’t need someone who causes you to constantly doubt and question yourself. Constructive criticism is one thing while negativity is another. I know it’s easier said than done, but negative people only slow you down and take away from you.
Positive vibes (and people) only.

3. Work out

I hear you. It’s not always fun and may seem like a chore, but it works 100%. You don’t have to go to the gym – you can trek, swim, dance, row, jump rope. There’s so many options!

“Happy chemicals” aka dopamine and endorphins are released when you work out routinely. Not only does exercising get you off your chair and moving, it energizes you and reduces stress.

Wait one more – it also helps you look better which in turn boosts your confidence (now, who doesn’t want that?).

4. Keep your dear ones near

A lot of times we take family and close friends for granted. Relationships take effort so spend time with them, reconnect with them and socialize with them. We’re a social species so it’s only natural that we seek company. Psychologically, socializing stimulates your cognitive system, improves your confidence and makes you happier.
You meet new people, learn, laugh, discuss and so much more. So make that reservation, head on out to that café or just sit and talk.

5. Count your blessings

The grass is always greener on the other side. Focusing on what we don’t have only starts a negative spiral. Instead, be happy with what you do have and count your blessings. This can take many forms: just say a few positives in your head before you go to sleep, start a gratitude journal, or create a happiness jar with positive photos and thoughts.
Just remember – have an attitude of gratitude. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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