So You Have A Mom Bod

I get the whole “dad bod” phase of our culture, I really do. For years I have been attracted to this body type, and almost all articles speculating why girls like it are correct (at least for me). I want someone who is cuddly. I want someone who won’t make me feel bad for eating pizza… okay a lot of pizza. I need someone to understand my need for tacos at least once a week. And honestly if you’re a dude and say no to a beer because you’re counting calories, just keep walking, it’ll help you lose those calories to meet your step daily goal!

No, my issue isn’t with the dad bod fad. My question is why isn’t there a mom bod craze going on as well? Men can be in a hot-wing eating contest and still be seen as hot, while I have to be compared to skinny bitches who don’t enjoy the beauty in this world that is fast food? No. I have had a “mom bod” for as long as I can remember. Sorry I just so happen to have child bearing hips. Aren’t men subconsciously supposed to find this sexy? Just like how I for some weird reason love beer bellies?

I refuse to allow this double standard. There are a lot of double standards based on gender in our culture, but I cannot sit ideally by while this happens. Yes, a dad bod is hot. But so is a mom bod. So maybe I look like a soccer mom at the ripe age of 23– jokes on you because I’ve looked like a soccer mom since I was 18, if not younger. I swear just put me behind the wheel of a van and you will automatically assume that I have two kids in the back seat and a trunk full of sports equipment.

It isn’t fair that I have lived in shame of my not skinny, yet not fat body. Living in this weird limbo between the two is hard. You can’t wear too tight of clothing because you will see every roll like it is Thanksgiving dinner. You can’t wear too loose of clothing because it gives the illusion that you’re larger than you are. Can I wear a bikini in the summer? Do I wear a one piece? What in the hell do I do?

Maybe I am being harsh on men for this double standard. They didn’t impose it, they just sort of ate more burritos and went to the gym less, and I can’t be mad about that.

So then this is my calling to women, who aren’t skinny, who aren’t fat. Who maybe look better in clothes than they do half naked. This is for the women who have always wondered where they lie on the fat skinny spectrum of life. This is for the women who just want to eat a whole pizza on Valentine’s Day and not be judged about it (oh everyone else didn’t do that? Just me? Awkward). So you have a mom bod, what’s wrong with that? You don’t need to work out seven days a week to be hot. And even back in the day when I was an athlete and worked out constantly, I still looked like a mom. There is just no getting away from it. You can change your diet, you can workout more, but I’d be willing to bet you’ll still look like the mother of three. So why torture yourself with kale and CrossFit if the end results will still be the same if you eat tater tots?

So what’s the appeal in a mom bod? You don’t have to stress over being skinny, or attaining a number on a scale you may never see. You don’t count calories or make sure you walked a certain amount of miles in a day. And you certainly don’t worry about how much pizza is too much pizza (because the limit does not exist). You’re beautiful, you have curves, and you’re really not in for too many surprises in body changes when you hit your thirties, or actually have kids.

I’m absolutely not saying don’t be healthy and be like those people on “I Eat 70,000 Calories a Day”, just don’t obsess over you’re weight to an unhealthy level, like we all know you have. It’s hard not being skinny and not being fat; it’s a weird place to be. This isn’t even an article for the mom bod to be a fad or a craze. It’s honestly so that all of us with mom bods can come learn to love our bodies. No one gives these wide hips and larger frames enough credit. Sure, we aren’t stick skinny, but by god we aren’t obese either. You have a mom bod, and it isn’t a bad thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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