Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is incredibly easy to stay in the comfortable life you have made for yourself. You can stay in your hometown forever. You can keep the same boy friend that is just okay, because I mean what if there isn’t better? By all means live right near your parents so that they can bail you out of a tight situation, that you may or may not get into. But most importantly you need to stay in the job you hate, even if you complain about it twenty-four/seven. But they say it is easy to die in a snowstorm, the cold becomes comfortable after a while when you’re freezing to death. That’s what being comfortable can do to you; it can kill you without you even knowing it.

I’m not bashing the comfy life. You better believe that I would choose a pair of sweats over a nice outfit any day, but I guarantee no one will think I mean business in my Lady Mariner sweat pants that are now over five years old with Chinese food stains on them.

It would be so easy to live in what you know forever. Never having to worry if you’re going to actually make friends in a new city, never wondering if you should get a different job, never hoping to God that someone speaks English so you can finally get your bag that has been lost for what seems like weeks. It’s easy to live like that. It’s nice to never worry.

But is it worth it?

Are you settling into this life that society thinks that you should have just because you have a piece of paper that says you’re educated? Or are you doing it because you’re parents were happily settled at this age? Did you even want that job? Did you ever picture yourself in this department? Is he or she really marriage material or are you just afraid you won’t find anyone else?

If you haven’t asked yourself these questions in the last couple a months, I hope you will take them into consideration. You should be fearful of mediocrity. Don’t strive to be average or normal. You can be so much more than that- you just have to want it. When we were little we were told we could do anything. What happened to that? How come now when we are in our twenties we keep hearing that we have to settle? I don’t know about you, but settling is my biggest fear.

I’m not saying don’t get a traditional job, or fall in love. But make sure those are the things that you want before you plant your seeds and start making roots. Don’t do it because all your friends are married and your afraid of being alone. Don’t do it because it’s a good job, even if you hate every second of it. Don’t settle. Get out of that sweat pants emporium you’re living in, sure it’s comfy but after a while don’t you start to feel ratchet?

Maybe getting out of your comfort zone isn’t your biggest priority right now, but why not? And it’s not like you have to go halfway around the world to feel uncomfortable, just do something new- even if it means not getting your usual lunch at your usual diner. I’m so serious– go. Hopefully this is the push you need. And if so, you’re welcome. Maybe you won’t thank me right now, but eventually you will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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