Finding Freedom On The Road Less Traveled

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She was a natural born drifter
Never remaining long in one spot,
Itchy feet and restless legs
Freedom is what she sought.

Stationary was her prison
And routine suffocated her breath,
It was time to break the shackles
Before it brought her soul to death.

Choosing passion over a paycheque
And having no fixed humble abode,
She remained wild and rebellious
While living life fully on the road.

With a craving for adventure
And a hunger to freely roam,
Her blazing fire roared within
Knowing she’d never return home.

Releasing her grip from the norms
With her spirit as her guide,
She finally surrendered to what is
Her heart no longer to be denied.

So she spread her wings and soared
With little to her name,
Finding comfort, joy, and ease
By going against the grain.

Having no fixed plans in place
Just relying on the call of her heart,
Something she felt all along
Right from the very start.

And so it is… Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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